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 Cryon Cybernetics

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Madran Lamont
Madran Lamont

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PostSubject: Cryon Cybernetics   Cryon Cybernetics EmptySun Dec 30, 2012 5:27 am

“Cryon Cybernetics, Helping you Help yourself.”

Cryon Cybernetics, These guys are the ones you want to go to if you need any sort of augmentation. They were created by Robotics Incorporated and Avon Medical, there for if you are in ether Robotics Incorporated or Avon Medical you can easily get access to the others technology. Cryon Cybernetics is the only game in town for anything Cybernetics. Want a new arm? Can do, want a some funky night vision eye? Not an issue they can do it all, and if you see any augmentation you know if you took it apart it would have Cryon Cybernetics stamp on every part.
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Cryon Cybernetics
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